IPL 2023 Purple Cap: Most Wickets

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IPL 2023 Purple Cap Most Wickets

The IPL 2023 Purple Cap most wickets, one of the top honors given to the bowler with the most wickets during the competition, is one of the most valuable prizes. For any bowler, winning the title is unquestionably a major accomplishment because it not only shows your unwavering commitment to the cause throughout the competition but also establishes you as a top-tier T20 bowler due to the outstanding standard of cricket played in the league.

Therefore, it’s like a golden ticket for bowlers to gain favor with the appropriate parties and advance in their cricket careers. The IPL 2023 Purple Cap winners from the end of the season showed some outstanding play throughout the competition.  For the initial time since it began. The title sponsor of the award since last year is Saudi Aramco. With 27 wickets in 17 games, Yuzvendra Chahal earned the first-ever Aramco Purple Cap, making it the first time in his IPL career that he had done so.

In terms of statistics, former CSK all-rounder Dwayne Bravo and RCB fast bowler Harshal Patel tied for first place with 32 wickets each in an IPL season. Bravo played his final season of competition before quitting. In the 2019 season, he will work with CSK as their bowling coach. Harshal Patel, on the other side, will also play for RCB this season.

The competition for the Purple Cap will be intense this year since several incredibly promising talents are playing for the ten organizations. The number 32 is another intriguing statistic to keep an eye on; would any bowler beat Bravo’s and Harshal’s record by breaking it in the 2023 IPL?

List of Bowlers In IPL 2023 Purple Cap Most Wickets

Sr. NoPlayerTeamMatsWktsOvsBBIAvg.EconSR4w5w
1Mohammad ShamiGT17286511/418.648.0313.9220
2Mohit SharmaGT142744.110/513.378.179.8121
3Rashid KhanGT17276730/420.448.2314.8810
4Piyush ChawlaMI16226122/322.58.1116.6300
5Yuzvendra ChahalRR142152.517/420.578.1715.0930
6Tushar DeshpandeCSK162156.545/326.859.9216.2300
7Ravindra JadejaCSK16205720/321.557.5617.100
8Varun ChakaravarthyKKR142052.415/421.458.1415.810
9Mohammed SirajRCB14195021/419.787.5215.7810
10Matheesha PathiranaCSK121946.215/319.52814.6300
11Arshdeep SinghPBKS141750.529/4299.6917.9410
12Ravi BishnoiLSG151651.328/324.437.7418.9300
13Noor AhmadGT131647.137/323.067.8217.6800
14Bhuvneshwar KumarSRH14164730/526.568.3319.1201
15Ravichandran AshwinRR13144923/226.287.512100
16Akash MadhwalMI81425.35/515.648.5810.9211
17Jason BehrendorffMI12144223/327.649.211800
18Harshal PatelRCB13144732/332.429.6520.1400
19Trent BoultRR10133829/3248.2117.5300
20Deepak ChaharCSK10133422/322.848.7315.6900
IPL 2023 Purple Cap

Mohammed Shami (GT) Purple Cap Winner 2023

IPL 2023 Purple Cap Most Wickets
IPL 2023 Purple Cap Most Wickets

Mohammed Shami became the first Gujarati bowler to win the IPL’s Purple Cap. He played a major role in Gujarat reaching back-to-back finals by taking 28 wickets at an average of 18.64. The previous record for the most wickets (17) in Powerplay overs in a single season was broken by Shami.

IPL 2023 Purple Cap Rules

  • The award goes to the IPL season’s top wicket-taker.
  • When on the field, the bowler who had taken the most wickets throughout the season would wear the Purple Cap.
  • The competition will otherwise follow the guidelines from the last round. Details about the IPL 2023 rules are provided in the sections that follow:

IPL 2023 New Rules

IPL 2023 New Rules: During the 2023 IPL season, BCCI established the Impact Player Rule, signaling a big change in IPL history. All other regulations of the tournament will be followed. Details about the IPL 2023 rules are provided in the sections that follow:

  • Each inning of IPL 2023 will contain two DRS.
  • Unless it’s the last ball of the over, the incoming batsman will take the strike after a catch dismissal regardless of whether the batsmen have crossed or not.
  • The BCCI will attempt to reschedule the game for later in the IPL 2023 if any side is unable to find their starting lineup because of COVID-19.
  • If a change in schedule is not possible, the IPL Technical Team will look into the matter.
  • In the playoffs or the championship game, the team that finished higher in the league will be crowned the victor if the Super Over or any future Super Overs cannot be completed for any reason.

What is the Impact Player Rule

  • If there are less than 4 foreign players in the playing XI, the Impact Player must be an Indian player.
  • One of the four substitutes mentioned on the squad sheet is the sole foreign player who can be used as an impact player. If a side adds an international player as an Impact Player during a game, there can never be a fifth foreign player on the field.
  • During toss time, teams must choose 4 substitutes in addition to the starting XI, and only one of those substitutes can be an impact player.
  • The Impact Player will be proposed by the Captain.
  • Impact Players may be deployed before the start of an inning, after an over, after the wicket has fallen, or after a batsman has retired at any stage in the over.
  • A Player who is replaced by an Impact Player (“Replaced Player”) is ineligible to play the rest of the game and is not allowed to come back as a replacement fielder.
  • According to the BCCI, an Impact Player is not allowed to hold the position of captain.
  • An Impact Player may take the place of a retired batter if necessary.
  • Each team is permitted to use one Impact Player per match. But it’s not necessary. The Impact Player may or may not be used by teams.
  • Even if the team inserts an impact player, a player who sustains an injury while fielding in the middle of the innings is unable to continue playing.
  • If an injury to the impact player occurs during play, a replacement fielder may only step in to take the injured player’s place if the umpires are satisfied.
  • Neither bowling nor acting as captain is permitted for the replacement.
  • According to the regulations of the game, the player who leaves the field to make room for the substitute will be given penalty time for both the batting and fielding teams.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who has taken the most wickets in IPL 2023?

Answer: The 2023 IPL season’s Purple Cap went to Mohammad Shami of the Gujarat Titans, who had the most wickets taken. Shami concluded the season with 28 wickets in 17 games and an economy rate of 8.03.

2. Who is the No. 1 wicket-taker in IPL?

Answer: Who has taken the most wickets in IPL history? In the IPL, Yuzvendra Chahal has taken the most wickets. His best statistics were 5/40 and he has collected 187 wickets in 145 games for an average of 21.68. He is a member of the Rajasthan Team in the 2023 IPL.

3. Who has taken the hat trick in IPL?

Answer: In the first season of the IPL in 2008, former Indian cricketer Lakshmipathy Balaji of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) became the first player to score a hat-trick. Since then, many more bowlers have also taken hat-tricks in the IPL, including Amit Mishra, Yuvraj Singh, Shane Watson, and Sam Curran.

4. Who has 3 hat tricks in 3 games in IPL?

Answer: Most IPL hat tricks by Amit Mishra
Hat tricks have been taken a total of 22 times since the game’s beginning. The only player to record three hat tricks in the IPL is Amit Mishra.

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